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VA Called To Showcase American Veterans Artwork

  After it was revealed the VA spent some $20 million on lavish art at facilities around the country, a watchdog group is calling on the Veterans Affairs Administration to showcase and support American Veterans Artwork. A report was released on spending at the VA -- showing the administration purchased millions in luxury art at the height of the veterans  healthcare scandal during which thousands of veterans died while waiting to see doctors. The $19.7 million tab...
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VA Wait Times Not Fixed Yet

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has not done enough to prevent schedulers from manipulating appointment wait times.  VA wait-time data remains misleading and underestimates how long veterans wait for care, according to a nonpartisan watchdog report. So fixing the VA wait times is still a long way from done. “Ongoing scheduling problems continue to affect the reliability of wait-time data,” the Government Accountability Office found.

The Piecemeal Approach...
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American Veterans and Sleep

One of the complaints often heard from American Veterans is that they suffer from sleep disturbances. Hundreds of thousands of vets struggle regularly with insomnia, both falling and staying asleep, as well as nightmares. The high occurrence of depression in returning veterans has also been linked to the inability to get good sleep. A variety of treatments are available to address these problems. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia is effective for those who have a ...
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99 year-old American Veteran Still Seeking Benefits

One Filipino World War II veteran is still seeking recognition and equity pay for his service to the U.S. during the war.  Celestino Almeda, who will turn 99 years old this June, still has the determination he had back when he was a member of the Philippine Commonwealth Army under control of the U.S. Army. he regards himself as an American Veteran. His service and documentation earned him U.S. citizenship and even VA health benefits, but he is yet to see the $15,000 lump ...
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American Veterans Share Complaints about Healthcare

    When executives from the Phoenix VA came to Show Low last week they told veterans the system is getting better.  However, vets at this event told a very different story: American veterans aid complaints run high.  They're fed up with long waits for appointments and the long drives to the Valley to get care when there are qualified local physicians who could see them.

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