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Veterans May Suffer From Government Hiring Freeze

On Jan. 23, in accordance with his promises to shrink the size of the government through attrition, President Trump announced a federal hiring freeze. And now this across-the-board halt to all new and existing government jobs, exempting only national security, public safety and the military - may have a negative impact on Veterans. Unless of course military members go to work for the Veterans Affairs Department. As recently as 2015, some VA hospitals were facing staffing s...
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Interview with General Colin Powell

In a multi part interview, General Colin Powell speaks with Veterans of FreeEnterprise. The first thing you need to know about Colin Powell is that you should address him as “General Powell,” not “Secretary Powell.” The second thing you should know is that he is funny—disarmingly funny, in fact. One of the most esteemed leaders in U.S. military...
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Veterans to receive IVF treatment from VA

The Department of Veterans Affairs will start offering in vitro fertilization services to injured veterans for the first time in March, under new rules. The move comes just a few months after Congress dropped a ban on the procedure for veterans and their spouses, the result of a year long push from advocates who called the restrictions unfair to individuals who sacrificed for the country. Limited fertility counseling is ...
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Veterans and Service dogs

Veterans may have returned from fighting in foreign wars, but the war continues inside them. Vets are now finding an unexpected friendship that is helping them deal with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. Service dogs make a huge difference in this healing process. Veterans have found relief from various PTSD symptoms, including insomnia, chest pains etc. and have been sleeping better because the dogs will intervene if they sense that their owner is in di...
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Veteran themed logo won Google competition